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Custom Signature Fonts!

One of our specialty items is creating your own personal signature font.

This little item will save a tremendous amount of time. Here is how it works...

Do you have a fax system built into your computer? Most people do. Does you fax program allow you to annotate received faxes? Most likely! Does your annotation program allow you to use "Windows" fonts? Would you use it more if you were able to annotate faxes and drop your signature on it without having to "Print it" and "Sign it", and then having to run it through another legacy fax machine, only to destroy the quality of the fax in the computer?? More than likely! Do you receive forms via fax that need to filled out, but you still need to print them to sign them? Not any more. Fill them out and sign them, then fax them back directly!

Do you generate letters, memos or other computer generated correspondence? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to sign or initial everything manually? Yes indeed, that would be a real time saver, and convenient too!

We take your signature and generate a Windows "True Type" font and a Postscript Type 1 font (for those of you who use Adobe Type Manager) that shows up in the Windows drop down font list. Your signature, like any other Windows font is scalable to any size you need to fit the situation. Most work best around 40 Points. You put the cursor where you want your signature to appear, select your signature font from the drop down list along with the size, hit "one" key, and presto, there it is. Since it is a true font, there are no ragged edges as in a bit map rendition of a signature. It is smooth and precise, just as any other font that you use for correspondence.

My signature at the bottom of the introduction on our home page was generated by my signature font directly into Photoshop as text. Yes, what you see on the screen on the web page is a JPG of the representation, but as you can see, it is truly smooth and well defined, even in the JPG.

Our normal charge is $30.00 for a signature font that includes a full signature, first name & initials. This is providing we get a legible copy of your signature. This can be done several ways. You can fax us a sheet of paper with your sig's and initials using the "fine" mode on your fax machine. Send us via email, a reasonable quality Bit Map, JPG, or TIFF, or mail it to us at:

Graphical Designs
Box 50336
Billings, MT 59105.

We will advise you immediately if the image is acceptable, or if changes or additional charges need to be made.

We can also put your company Logo or custom Dingbats in to a Font on a custom charge basis.

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